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General Survey Tips and Information

Marine surveys benefit boaters
Marine surveys may seem to be an inconvenience to you. Not when it weighs against the benefits that can result from a good survey. Are marine survey requirements unreasonable? No not at all, the benefits that result help lien holders and insurance companies make solid decisions and their results have a direct financial impact on every customer. More importantly, a good survey in the hands of a conscientious vessel owner can help to make recreational boating safe and problem free. The right survey puts the odds in your favor.
Posted on 25 Feb 2009
What is needed from you to prepare for the survey
Before a good marine survey can occur you should prepare your vessel. Your boat should not be cluttered or overly dirty at the time of a professional inspection. Have your documentation readily available and gear stowed in an orderly fashion. Be prepared to have your vessel hauled for the bottom inspection, scheduled and confirmed at the time of the survey preferably. Minor, non-destructive dismantling may be needed for optimum access and for an appropriate inspection, this will give you a higher quality survey that will be of great benefit. However you should not expect the surveyor to perform such labor, and you may need to hire an additional qualified professional as you are paying the surveyor to be an expert, not a laborer. Liability issues may come in to play and the surveyor will be very hesitant about doing any such task that calls for disassembly or removal of a system or any fastened cabinetry etc. It is important here to acknowledge that even a well-conducted survey does not present any guarantees. The resulting report's content is restricted by accessibility upon inspection and changing conditions, and does not minimize or alter the need for ongoing vigilance and accountability by each and every boat owner.

Most importantly, you should make every effort to attend the survey. Observe the job as it is being performed, but resist the urge to interfere or ask questions while the survey is being conducted. The surveyor will go over the findings and recommendations with you after he has completed his inspection.
Posted on 25 Feb 2009
How to get what you need
Be sure to let the surveyor know the purpose for which you are requesting the survey. If the reason is for the purchase of a boat, or to fulfill an insurance requirement, ask for a full condition and value (C&V) survey. This type of report will give you the current market value and replacement value for the boat as well as a detailed description of the construction and condition of the hull and major systems (i.e. electrical, fuel, machinery, etc.).
Posted on 21 Mar 2008
What is a Marine Survey?

A critical examination or inspection of a marine vessel for a specific purpose; the action of ascertaining facts regarding conditions or the condition of something to provide exact information especially to persons responsible or in fact interested; an examination of a vessel or a part of its cargo or equipment to determine its condition, responsiblity for damage, and disposition to be made.
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Posted on 21 Mar 2008
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