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What is a Marine Survey?
The purpose of a marine survey inspection is to determine, insofar as possible within the limitations of visual and physical accessibility, using non-invasive and non-destructive methods, the subject vessel's structure, systems, appearance and the levels of compliance with current applicable federal laws and commonly accepted boat construction standards and practices.
There are certain parts of a vessel's structure, systems and equipment that can only be inspected after removing flats, bulkheads, joinery, headliners, tanks, etc. This would be very time consuming, potentially destructiive and costly to repair. Components requiring access with tools or by disassembling will not be inspected. Where marine growth, dirt and coating buildups such as bottom paint, or corrosion that can obscure the surveyor's ability to inspect, these limitations will be so noted in the report where ever applicable. When suspect issues should arise it may become necessary to use invasive testing to confirm such findings. No invasive or destructive methods are used during an inspection without the expressed permission of the boat's owner or the owner's representive.
A complete inspection of machinery, plumbing, electrical systems and available equipment can only be made by disassembly continuous operation.
This will not be done, but may be recommended. No mechanical test are performed on the propulsion or auxiliary generating equipment. Fluid samples will be drawn at the an extra expaense to the purcahser of the survey. The installation and external condition of the machinery and accessory equipment is inspected. This is by no means a complete mechanical inspection. It is highly recommended that a qualified marine mechanic experienced with specific machinery installed be employed to survey propulsion engines and auxiliary generators.
Posted on 21 Mar 2008
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